Farmers Training and Capacity building programs

  • Farmers Training under ATMA Government of India
  • Farmers Training under MIDH
  • Farmers Training under HTM & SHM
  • Tribal Exchange programmes
  • Youth Exchange Programmes
  • Training cum exposures visit for Corporates and Agri Industries
  • Training cum exposures visit for target beneficiaries of different PSUs and Development Institutions
  • Training cum exposures visit for Nationalised Banks
  • Training for “SOR MITRAS” Solar Friends in rural areas for promoting Green Energy

Rural Events and Activation

  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Field demo and trading
  • Rural media
  • College school activation
  • Trade fairs

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Livelihood Projects
  • Agriculture Development Projects
  • Rural Technology dissemination Projects
  • Promotion of Green Energy
  • Social Development Campaigns
  • Village Adoption Programs
  • Lab-to-Land Campaign for Farmers

Solar and Green Energy

  • Solar based rural electrification
  • Solar Based Drinking water systems for villages
  • Solar lights and units for promoting education in rural
  • Solar based water ATM systems
  • Green Energy for sustainable agriculture
  • Training for “SOR MITRAS” Solar Friends in rural areas for promoting Green Energy

Farmers Training and Capacity building programs

Knowing that the economic share of agriculture to India’s GDP is slowly shrinking, we organize different Rural and Farm focused activities like farmers awareness workshops, kisan melas, Government sponsored social and rural campaigns, agricultural exhibitions etc to enrich Target Group with the latest information and technology dissemination about diverse aspect which impact their social and economic lives, aligned with the recent thrust of our Government on Evergreen Revolution.

Enabling Rural Development

We still have 68.84% rural population by the latest census. Thus, we are totally committed to rural development with a long-term perspective, bringing basic changes to socioeconomic structure by making collaborations with different state-governments and concerned ministries.

Enhancement in the standard of living of rural people is paramount for us. We conduct various programmes, events and meetings regularly in different rural areas highlighting the awareness and need of medical & educational facilities, employment-opportunities, vocational training, self-employment etc.

With a vision to reach to rural people and a vision to connect with them properly, our campaign, thanks to local people’s participation being at its nub, is intrinsically comprehensive and holistic in its concept. We have enriched rural people with information which has generated a world of possibilities for them.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

With the mandatory 2%-spending norm, many companies are involved in CSR-activities effectively. Finding this as an opportunity, we have always been geared up to work in tandem with them in areas like:- Education, Health, Environment, Women’s Empowerment, Support for artisans, Rural sports etc.

Promoting Green Energy

India has always been in a state of perennial energy-scarcity. Coal and other non-renewable energy sources getting depleted continually underscore the electricity-sector’s inappropriate and shaky reliance on them. We want to change the landscape by prompting people to utilize the never-ending solar power to meet varied energy-needs. We have experts on board who impart technology, services and expertise across the entire solar value-chain. Educating people in different areas about solar roof-top-technology, tie-ups with different financial institutions.

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